Brandie’s Valentine Present

Sissy PantiesSo, as a special treat for my sissy slut Brandie I ordered the best Valentine’s Day present. She has been so naughty lately. Unable to keep her hands off her little cunnie even though she has been reminded time and time again that it does not belong to her and she can not play with it without asking. We have paddled that little clitty and taken away her shemanle porn. Nothing has seemed to work. Her last act of defiance was when she left all her little cummies and refused to clean them up. So, I ordered a cute little pink cock cage for her cunnie. I also got a pretty pair of panties and a little dog tag to attach to the cage that says sissy slut. I got it all together and wrapped it so cute and asked Brandie to come down and open it. She pulled the panties out first and was so happy, she loved the dog tag and the matching bracelet too. But the cock cage did not excite her very much. I made her come over and I put her little clitty tightly in the cage and locked it up. She looked adorable in it. Next, we put on the panties and she looked even cuter. I didn’t want to keep this cuteness all to myself, so we had some friends over and had Brandie model her new gear. We all laughed and laughed at her cock cage. We then had her stand and watch as we sucked on some BBC and didn’t even let her clean them up. The cock cage kept her clitty from getting hard and I could tell she was uncomfortable. And just to make her more uncomfortable I had her watch while I took BBC after BBC right in my sweet, juicy bald pussy as shemale porn played in the background. When we were finished, we pulled down her panties and there were little drops coming from that cage. It was priceless so we took a picture. What do you think? Isn’t she cute?

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