Learn to fluff

forced feminization

I’m for forced feminization. It truly makes a lot of sense to become a strict mistress. I’ve executed all my plans and made sure to have some fun. Oh boy, did I have some fun? I looked uber hot with my leather skirt and booby shirt. My slave sissy slut followed me around like a puppy and did as I said. I do love to have a personal sissy assistant. It’s an honor to go out with me, the best sissy preparer. I’m a trainer that gets the job done and shows you how to become the ultimate sissy. I create stars. My prodigies all become well-known socialites throughout sunny California, nationwide, and some globally. I’m so beyond happy to be able to use these sissies and show them their potential. As I got dressed up for the club, I made sure my sissy assistant understood that she would be the fluffer and also be made to swallow all the cum in my nightcap. A good sissy knows that a drained cock will leave a mess, and she shall enjoy the fruits of those labors.

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