Finest Fuckable Femboys Ever!

Femboy training

I have an elite group of sissies that have taken their femboy training to the max and love living the hot little cock loving cum dumpster life.  They listened to the lessons and did the shadow work needed to rid themselves of the disgusting man suit they were born with and are living life high on the fat fuck hog!  They’re the finest bunch of fuckable fems you’ll ever meet!

What most sissy sluts don’t understand is that giving up all of their masculinity doesn’t mean that they’re giving up any power.  Quite the contrary.  Getting rid of their indoctrinated mindset and forcing them to go through the pain to find all of the pleasure helps them find who they really are.  Once someone discovers their true selves, there’s no limit to what they can achieve in life.

Sure, any ladyboy can find a prick or two that wants to turn out a tranny or fuck the shit out of a feminine man.  All kinds of guys are down to bang dainty dudes.  It takes a special sissy whore to be able to trick a straight guy into burying his bone in her.  She has to be hot, confident, seductive and have her little clitty tucked in nice and neatly so that the unsuspecting man doesn’t get wise that the woman he’s hitting on doesn’t have a pussy.  If they’re hot enough, once they’ve gotten to the point of fucking, the guy doesn’t even care when my sissies whip out their minuscule man parts.  Hell, if you were to meet up with one of them our on the town and decided to have a quickie with them, you’d probably never even know you weren’t fucking a naturally born woman!

Ass is ass, it doesn’t matter whose it is.  My top tier, second to none sissy girls will blow your notion of hetero norms out the window.  You can try to find a hotter slut who wants you to blow load after load in her butt, but I bet your search will come up about as short as my sexy slut’s little clitties.


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