Insolent Sissy Slave Training Tactics

Sissy slave training


Sometimes I run across a really stubborn little bitchboy who thinks they have the option to resist my sissy slave training methods.  I don’t know why they think that, when they’re under my tutelage, they have the option to say no to me, but some of them do.  So I have no other choice but to get a little more heavy handed in my instruction and make those women wannabes listen to my every command.

It’s not hard, couldn’t be more simple, actually.  I just strip them down until they’re completely naked, shove them in front of a mirror and start berating the masculine shell my stupid slut sees before them.  I tell them all about how the mansuit they’re forced to show the world isn’t the real person they have on the inside and describe in full detail how every part of the body they were given is flawed, gross and just looks wrong when compared to the soul they have inside of them.  Then, we get to the harder stuff.

Those insolent sissy slut prospects have to be punished.  There’s really only one way to rip through that rotten male meat to release the femboy suffering inside and that’s through whipping, lashing and beating.  He-whores have to have respect for the sissy inside themselves and battering and bruising the bro on the outside is the only way to make that happen.  They get strapped in, tethered down and flogged until they agree to listen to every single one of my commands.

Eventually, all of my clitty queens do exactly as I tell them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my lineup of sissy sluts.  They wouldn’t have the privilege of learning all the ways of prissy slutdom from the best sissy trainer around, they’d have to settle for some subpar she-man molding mentor.  And if they think they’ll ever get up to the level of cock and cum loving they’d like to achieve with a cutrate clitty counselor, well, good luck with that, girls!


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