Phone Domination Mistress Coraline is in Charge Always

phone dominationReady for some phone domination? I am a dominatrix. I maybe a sensual one, but do not mistake my sensuality for passiveness. I have a new phone sissy who cannot stay in his lane. He tries to dictate every step of our sessions. I am in charge. You are the sissy. I am the sissy trainer. I pace the session because I know sissies can have quick triggers. Part of my training involves clitty control. Sissies are notorious for being chronic masturbators. They put on something girly and cannot control their urges. They make a mess in their panties and tune out. I need my sissies focused, so they can understand their tasks. Edging or caging both help sissies last longer. Not that I am always letting sissies cum because I rarely let them cum if they are snarky or disobedient.  If you come to me for online sissy training, you must give up control to me. I am in charge. Do not forget that. My disobedient sissy said no one too many times. Saying no to a sissy trainer once is too much, but he said no to everything. I said put on panties and he said no. I said put a dildo in his ass and he said no. I said get on your knees and lick my ass and he said no. I threatened this sissy with termination. Honestly, I do not have to take any sissy on in my real life or on the phone. I know sissies are paying for a service, but you are a beta bitch, and I am an alpha Goddess. My word is followed, or you are punished. My punishments vary. I can put you in a cock cage. I can peg your ass. I can expose you on the Internet. I am a phone dominatrix, so be ready to give up your power and your dignity.

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