Forced Into Sissy Panties

Sissy Panties

Forcing my boyfriend into his sissy panties was a challenge at first. I would suck him off and tell him how beautiful he was. Then I would put his hand in my sweet little pussy and ask if he would do anything for me. The reason I am wet is the thought of him wearing my black lace thong panties. It wasn’t fair because I knew he would do anything to keep me. Rumors of me fucking the whole basketball team, one my one or multiple players were all around the school, but still, he needed my dominance, my beauty and the art of me forcing him to be what he is. P.s. I didn’t fuck the whole basketball team only the big tall black guys. See I know that a happy home is one with a dominate female forcing cucks and sissy men into a life they truly want. My daddy is a cuck sissy and momma and him are very happy! I’m looking for daddy sissy’s and Boyfriend sissys to play with the BBC sissy trainer Zoey!

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