How I Became a BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerAsk yourself if you need a BBC sissy trainer for 2020? If you are a sissy or a closet fag, then you need more big black cock in your life. I may not have explained how I became the sissy trainer I am today. Long before I birthed some sissy boys, I was married to a man with a tiny dick. I married for love. Thought I would be okay with his 4-inch dick. He did eat pussy well and had strong fingers. He was aware of his inadequacies and appeared to be committed to overcompensating in other areas. One day, I came home from shopping early. This was before I had a cell phone. He was not expecting me. I caught him in my panties, my black lace garter belt and stockings. Plus, he had one of my dildos up his ass. It was an eye-opening experience. At first, I thought I married a gay man. After we discussed some things, I realized he was just a sissy. My first sissy. We put an ad out on Craig’s List for a black bull to join us. I was thinking this would be a cuckold sort of thing, but it turned my now ex-husband into a black cock faggot and me into a black cock whore. Turns out I married a sissy, but the first taste of black cock made him full on fag. It happens. I started using black cocks for sissy training. Decades later, I am a BBC slut and I have a small army of black cock sissy boys, including my two sons. I have my ex-husband to thank.

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