Forced feminization easily dominates these pansy boys

Forced feminizationForced feminization easily dominates these pansy boys, making them whimper and moan with just the slightest touch. My thick, black strap-on is a symbol of my power over these feminine losers, and I cherish every moment of it. Their moans of submission fill the room, their eyes fill with fear and desperation as I ram my strap-on deep into their tight, willing asses.

Thin femme bodies tremble beneath me, and their cries of pleasure echo off the walls. The sight of these pathetic sissy bitches, completely under my control, sent shockwaves of adrenaline through my body. As I continued to pump them rougher and rougher, I could feel the heat rising between my legs. The sissy-boys quivered, their asses clenching around my strap-on. This is why I excel in Online sissy training! I always can tell they are always close, and I know now just how to push them over the edge.  

Forced feminization easily dominates these pansy boys

Although, my real weapon is an enormous, black, bareback cock. I flop my Black lover’s cock; slowly revealing its massive length to the desperate sissies. Their eyes widened in terror and arousal as they begged me for their share of my BBC.

Without any hesitation, I thrust it deep inside their sopping wet holes, helping them feel the warmth enveloping tight sissy bussy! A good BBC sissy trainer helps push it further and further in. The sissies scream in pleasure, their bodies convulsing around Black dick! My strap-on is still strapped up ready to try to push my way inside bussy filled with BBC and make them a shish kabob! One end fucked by me or BBC and the other end gagging on my big black dildo strap, or a black cock! 

The sissies love it and can’t get enough of it. They are addicted to BBC and me. They love the feeling of having my strap-on or BBC deep inside them.

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