Sissy training is what your friend gave you to start you off

Sissy training can come from anyone. Even from your older friend. By the way you walked he knew he would be able to use you. That is why when you spent the night, he forced you to undress. “Put these panties on” he demands of you. With a bit of hesitation, you did as you were told. Once you had your sissy panties on, he had you dance around like a slut. It made his young cock meat hard.

Sissy training

“Get on your knees and open your mouth” is all you hear as you watch him pull his dick out. It was much bigger than yours. But yours was stiff in your panties too. As he shoved his cock in your mouth, you looked over to the door and there I was watching. Neither of us said a word. You just kept sucking dick like a hungry slut. “Bend over and already your pussy open” he says to you.

Without a word you did as he asked hoping you weren’t imagining me watching. After he slammed his cock inside you, your clitty exploded all over the place. It felt even better when he filled you up. Soon after that he was training you every day with my help. That is why now you are a sissy whore who loves wearing Sissy panties before you get fucked. A hot bitch like me continues with your training right where your friend left off. But this time it isn’t forced, you want to be my sissy bitch. 

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