Best Sissy Trainer Zori trains Daddy!

best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer is what my daddy calls me. You’re wondering, daddy? Yes, I mean my biological father. Yes, to your question, I sissy trained my simpin, cross dressing daddy. When I was a teen, I remember coming home with my best friend from the mall and I caught my bitch ass daddy twirling his sissy ass in one of my dresses. He had on my brand-new matching pink bra and thong set and he even put on a pair of my favorite heels. I remember his face, he was so humiliated, but I also remember looking down and seeing his little sissy pussy pocket was rock hard! He was enjoying me and my friend laughing and taking pictures of him in all of his sissified glory!

From that day on, I held this day against my dad. I showed my mother the pictures of him in my closet playing sissy dress up and she sent a mass text to all of our close family and friends. My daddy was loving every minute of his secret being exposed. When he was at home, my mom and I treat him like the little sissy cum whore he is. He wears lingerie and crawls around on all fours with that little sissy ass up so if we have some big dick company, they can violate my daddy’s sweet sissy ass. I thank my daddy for being the sissy he is because without him there would be no best sissy trainer Zori!

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