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Without me, you wouldn’t know how to manage such a meaty cock like daddies, would you? Take it faggot, it’s okay to be a cock hungry fuck slut! I understand your need for big black cocks… Your porn addiction, made you see the world from another angle. You realized that you don’t have the porn cock that women desire. After so many videos you began to realize you were no longer eying the sexy bitch but the big black dick that stretched through her fuck hole.

The sexy moans she let out triggered your curiosity! A finger dipped into your fuckhole, led to a butt plug which then left you questioning your sexuality. You came to me for your reassurance only to soon find out that I would be the reason for your cock obsession… My strap-on was only the start of your ventures but after many rounds of steamy fun, I was able to convince you to fuck a real man and swallow his cum.

Now you attend Online sissy training every week in search of validation, your mind is now completely owned by me. 

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