Taboo Phone Chat Allows Us to Explore Your Fem Side

taboo phone chatI love taboo phone chat. Although I am a sissy trainer, I am a mature woman too. So, I get my fair share of mommy calls. And I enjoy talking to men who fantasize about their mothers, or who even stole mommy’s panties. For many boys, opening mommy’s panty drawer was like opening the door to Narnia. It opened a magical world for them.

The average boy just jacked off in mommy’s panties. But boys like you and my sons, put those panties on and wondered what it would be like to be a girl. As a woman, I can attest to the fact the girlhood is magical. We get to dress up in pretty things. Our undergarments feel silky on our skin, and they caress our bodies and accentuate our curves too.

All Boys Have a Femboy Inside Them Waiting To Come Out

Mommy’s panties transform into sissy panties when you slip them on and feel the way they caress your young cock. Maybe you dance around or maybe you look for a frilly dress to slip on too. If I were your mother, I would encourage you to explore your girly side. Fem boy training is all about helping you get in touch with your girly side. And every man has that feminine mystique inside them. But perhaps they just need a woman like me to bring it out in them.

I encouraged my sons to explore their femininity at a young age. Now they are teenage sissy boys who prefer to wear skirts and dresses than jeans and t-shirts. This mommy will never squash your femboy dreams. Perhaps it is just a phase, or perhaps like my sons, you realize you were born to be a sissy. I nurture the femininity within boys.

We can play dress up just to explore that fem side you have locked away. Or we can nurture the femboy inside you, and let you grow into the sissy you were born to be. Mommy is here, son. And she is the best sissy trainer for you.

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