Sissy hypno training will change your year and your life

Sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno training will change your year and your life; that is a given! With the right Mistress or Mistress, you will become the best you ever could hope to be. Sissy men have a place in this world and it’s time you stood up for yourself and let your mind free! I am male dominated world, it’s hard to battle the feeling of being femme. You are taught all your life that you have to be so masculine and strong. When Edgar came to me asking a million questions and sounding so uptight I knew he needed a dose of something special.

Sissy hypno training will change your year and your life🫦

My voice and soft words had Edgar relaxing and giving up way more information than I thought he would. My pussy clenched as I used everything and spun it into a session field with a touch of hypnosis and care. Then it was time for some fun. The zucchini in the fridge was cold and the lube was warm. His wife’s panties felt good on his skin as he found a pair of nylons to stretch across his legs. 

It’s a new year and time to own up to what has been hiding inside of you. A sassy sissy slut who needs to be butt fucked. It doesn’t have to be a man’s dick at first, wink wink! It can be my Pegger 5000! Me on top of your Bussy pounding with tits pressed up against your back is the best form of Forced feminization! 

Sissy hypnosis for roleplays and Sissy mediation to get you into the right headspace with Zoey 💫🌈

If you do not know how to connect to the inner femme I can show you a new world. 

A Hypno session should be done with a skilled Mistress who believes in sissy meditations and has put over 30 men under full hypnosis. And always remember if you are serious you need to be open-minded and relaxed with time alone for yourself. I work early mornings and would love to have you putty in my sexy hands. 

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