Femboy Training Princess Zoey

Femboy Training

Your Princess loves femboy training. Imagine your sweet Daughter laughing and pointing when you show her your hard cock. Even as a sweet young girl she knows you are quite small. She refuses to acknowledge that it is a dick. She says no Daddy put panties on you’re a Girl! Small giggles and pointing and running to tell mommy. This is when mommy reveals that you’re a sissy cuck. She teaches me all about how to control you. I find out soon enough that you love sucking BBC with mommy and the day comes that I join you in the Big black dick cock sucking. The first time I get fucked in front of you your wet your panties five times. Now that I am a hot teen Mistress You are a full-fledged sissy who enjoys being my muse for my BBC sissy training of other sissy boys. I am the Princess Mistress to brothers, neighbors, and my cuck sissy boyfriends, all because of one hot daddy sissy!

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