Do Want to Wear My Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you like to wear sissy panties? I have a new sissy and she is not like my other sissies. She is a sexy T-girl. She has a little clit stick and perky little breasts. Honestly, when she sought me out, I thought she was one of my daughter’s friends. She looked like a high school girl. She is a 26-year-old transitioning girl. She heard I was great with feminization. I looked at her and didn’t know she had a cockette, so my feeling was that she was doing a good job herself.  But if she wanted some femboy training, I was happy to help her. Before I dressed her, I milked her little prostate. She laid on her back on my massage table. I lubed up my finger and slid it in her backdoor pussy. She reacted well. She loved having me play with her pea shaped gland. She had a hard cum, a ball draining cum. Once we got that out of the way, her little clitty was even smaller and would fit better in a pair of my sexy panties. She couldn’t believe how many pretty things I had. I have a huge closet. Some of the items are for me, but I have a sissy closet too. I let sissies and fem boys play dress up. My sexy little shemale was in awe of all the bras, panties and stockings I own. I found a pretty pink satin outfit for her. Pretty in pink. She knew how to grow her hair long, develop her titties and shave off her body hair, but she needed me for the feminine touch. I dressed her and gave her some style tips. I also helped her perfect her feminine walk. Next lesson is cock sucking. Can’t be the perfect femboy without knowing how to suck dick.

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