Femboy Training for Cocksucking Faggots

femboy trainingI love femboy training. While turning men into the little cock sucking faggots they yearn to be, I get asked often how to find cock. This is not Cocks R Us. I cannot snap my fingers and make a dick magically appear at your door. You need to be resourceful and find some cock to please. But there are some universal tips for finding dick on the downlow. The best place to start is Grinder. Many of the men using that app are on the downlow. That means they are married or acting like macho men but wanting to fuck a tight ass or suck a big cock behind closed doors. You can take a picture that obscures your face. Want to advertise that you are a bottom? Bend over and show off that tight pink puckered sissy hole. You will get some swipe rights. You can also research where the trucks stops are in your neck of the woods. Usually, late at night, at a rest stop on the trucker side or like a Loves or a Pilot that offers showers to truckers, you can find some men cruising for an ass to fuck. They may even let you party with them or maybe they will pay you for your time. Truckers have the best dope and from behind they cannot tell if you are a lot lizard or a bottom bitch. Even if they can tell, they are likely so horny that they simply do not care. Another option is an adult bookstore. It is anonymous head. You get on the receiving side of the glory hole wall and wait for horny cocks to come to you. You can back your mouth or your ass up to that hole and get some dick. The wall protects you and the giver does not care who is fucking or sucking his cock. If you need some cock as a sissy, I am the best sissy trainer for cock sucking faggots.

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    • Willis on March 28, 2022 at 6:40 pm
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    Can you show me where the best dick is and force it on me? I need it

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