Cuck John In His Sissy Panties

sissy panties

I have something awesome that you really need to hear about. So, last week, John took me out shopping for sexy lingerie because I had a date later that night with a really delicious, hot black man. John has what I’ll just go ahead and call an unfortunate dick. He knows that he’ll never have the chance to fuck me and loves to pamper me and get me ready to go out and fuck a real man. Big black cocks are my absolute favorite, and he knows that I always want to look my best before I get this hot white pussy banged.

But you know, when we were out, I told him that he should try some lingerie on. He seemed a little bit too excited and that’s when I knew that I wasn’t going to have to try too hard to transform him into a sissy slut. I held up a pair of black lacy sissy panties in front of him and told him that he would look amazing in them. He bought them, along with all of my sexy lingerie, and we went back to my apartment. Do you want to hear about what happened when he tried them on and all of my plans to turn him into a sissy slut? 

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