You Need Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesSomeone belongs in sissy panties! I love putting men with small clits in panties where they belong. I will even sell my panties to a sissy. I have this one suitor who thought he could fuck me with his three-inch nub. I never would have guessed that he was a sissy bitch. He never would have guessed it either, but I had to put him in his place after he told me he wanted me to go down on him. It was our first and last date. I was willing to suck a big cock, but not his little nub. It was laughable. I blocked him from my pussy once I saw his shameful dick. You have a tiny dick like that, you only have a few options with me. Get out of my house. Become a sissy. Or become a cuckold. I have no use for you if your cock is less than 8-inches. I do not think any woman has a use for you if you are that small. He was not accustomed to rejection because he is handsome and rich. I do not need a man’s money because I am an independent woman. I have made bank between being a professional dominatrix and a sissy trainer. He was impressed with my boldness because most women will do anything he wants. That is because they are stupid. Some women are more concerned with financial security than sexual pleasure. I do not sacrifice my needs ever. My suitor was not leaving, so he got some forced feminization. I dressed him up in some cute fluffer panties, little white ankle socks and a cute frilly dress. Because I was feeling extra domme that day, I put him in a bonnet too. He liked the way he looked. Since I was still feeling like a sexy dominatrix. I pulled his panties down and pegged his ass. It was not the date I had expected, but it was still very satisfying. I love pegging sissies.

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