Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Faggots


best sissy trainerI like to think that I am the best sissy trainer. Want to know why? Because I teach you to suck cock with the real thing. I may begin with dildos and strap ones, but you quickly graduate to the real thing and with me it is often big black dicks. I mean if you want to learn how to suck cock you should learn with the best. I have many a phone sissy who call me because of our shared love for big black cocks. Guys see me in real time for the same thing too. I have Roger a BBC sissy. He is in his 50s and he has always admired those black beauties. He is of the generation that would judge and persecute him for admitting he is a black cock faggot. Black cocks are a work of art. Big, powerful, meaty and loaded with cum. Roger became a real black cock sissy last night because I am a BBC sissy trainer. He has waited 30 some years to suck a real one too. I took him to this truck stop I know that is full of black truckers. Older black men do not care who is sucking their dick. I could have charged but I wanted Roger to get a lot of big black cocks and free cock suckers have them lined up for miles. Roger was sucking dick better than some gay porn stars. That is because we have had almost a year of practice with my black strap on. I have used it on his sissy ass too. Roger was a cum guzzling black cock slut last night and I was beaming with pride. I counted the cocks and the loads. He serviced 52 guys. I could not believe it. His first  real outing and he guzzled more cum than most of my sissies combined.  It might have something to do with my pro sissy training skills too.

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