BBC Sissy Trainer Addilyn

You are here seeking a sexy woman as your Mistress that is a BBC Sissy Trainer. Your cocklet leaks for that big magnificent black cock. It’s BBC that is all you think about.

My experience as a Mistress is what you crave. This will put you in that headspace to get into being the true sissy slut, As we both know this is what  you crave to become.

Maybe you have desires, strong desires but they are only activated when you are super horny. That’s ok. You will crave that big black cock and I want you to submit fully to it. It’s a mind fuck we are going for here and it is up too you if you are willing to take it further. With many options for you to find that black cock to suck off, this is your starting point. Yes, even if it means breaking the law and ending up in a cell *wink, wink*. I am your Mistress phone sex goddess.

Life is an adventure. So if you become someone’s prison bitch to get the full handle on your desires, that is up to you. I am not condoning illegal activities this is a fantasy for you to go to in our roleplay.

A BBC Sissy Trainer Mindfuck

All I want is for you to be the best cock sucking BBC sissy whore you can be. We can explore so much. Essentially you should be willing to get a big black dildo preferably with a suction cup. You will need at least one butt plug..

I say at least as they do vary and you could buy a trainer set where they have a few sizes. Lots of lube and an open mind. I hope you are already wearing panties and or lingerie also…. A true sissy dresses for the part.

BBC sissy trainer

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    • Peter on July 11, 2022 at 12:49 pm
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    I need you to fuck my mind and fill my holes, mistress.

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