Best Sissy Trainer Finds A New Pay Piggy Sissy Bitch

Finding a sissy bitch pay piggy is easy when you are the Best sissy trainer. I just went out with my leash and whip at hand, only a horny sissy bitch’s mouth will water when they see that. Right away a good one kneeled at my feet and begged to buy me a drink. I laughed and told him to do better.

Best sissy trainer

That is when he replied with “pay your rent ” and I was happy to invite him over. Once he gave me my rent money, I pulled out my box of toys and sissy panties. I made sure he knew he was my bitch and was going to be Cleaning all my messes while giving me anything I wanted is what Sissy training is about. He nodded and licked my heels clean which is part of his sissy maid training. I paddled his round getting that man pussy ready for me. I was going to break him in and show this pay piggy who he belongs to. With every paddle to his ass, he gave me money knowing he would get his pussy pounded. I finally rubbed my big black cock strap on, on his tight man pussy as he gave me his wallet begging me to fuck him. That was it once I got his wallet, he got my dick hard and fast until his clitty leaked all over! He left with an empty wallet and a big smile.

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