BBC Sissy Trainer Rules to Follow

BBC sissy trainer

I fucking love being a BBC sissy trainer. These sissies think they’re ready for big black cock right away, but they aren’t. You have to work up to that and the best way to do that is with a butt plug. Recently I made a sissy go to an adult store and pick out a pretty pink collar, a leash, and a bunny butt plug. It was so humiliating for her but I told her if she didn’t have the nerve to do that, then she didn’t deserve to be fucked by a BBC. That was all I needed to say to talk her into it.

When she got back with her purchases, I instructed her to put on her collar, attach the leash, and then put that bunny butt plug all the way inside and just crawl around the floor for an hour, while holding the butt plug in and making sure it didn’t come out. She said that she was at the point where she was ready to cum from just doing that but didn’t because she hadn’t asked for permission. I love getting my little sluts ready for BBC. Do you need some training, too? 

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