I make the rules

Best sissy trainer You want to pose like me? Oh wait, I heard you want to be just like me. Well that’s going to take some training! You have to be willing to submit to your master Brielle. I want you in command at all times, whatever i say goes it is not up for discussion. Disobey my commands and I will humiliate you. I will humiliate you in front of everyone, I will expose you! Don’t think just because I look soft that I won’t be able to tame you. I look sweet but aint shit sweet around here. You want to be a naughty sissy. I will make you a trained sissy, I have whips, chains and BBC’s that will have you wishing you knew better than to disobey me. My advice to you is for you to submit to be willingly because if you don’t I will torture you cock and sissy hole. Once again my name is Brielle and I don’t take orders from anyone..I give orders!!!


    • Paul on November 18, 2021 at 1:01 pm
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    Control me Mistress

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