BBC sissy trainer Emerson will make you cream your little Sissy panties!

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer Emerson is make you cream your little Sissy panties! I am a Big Black Cock Trainer. I get immense pleasure from training Sissies, making sure they’re properly dressed up in delicate lingerie, and then teaching them the art of taking thick black cock in their precious pussys. That alone brings immense joy and satisfaction, knowing that I have given them a skill and talent that will surely be cherished.

The ultimate kind of pleasure, however, is gained from watching the sissies do as I have instructed them. From the tender penetration of their tight pussys to the sloppy oral service I know they will provide, I get a feverish kind of joy watching them obey my commands and do as I say. I bet that made your sissy panties real creamy didn’t it, you little slut?

When they’ve done as I’ve said, I love to reward them with that BBC shoved all the way down their tight sissy throats. I take immense pleasure in making sure they know exactly what to do, and to suck the sticky cum out of my dirty holes. And if a sissy ever disobeys me, or if they don’t live up to my expectations? Well, that’s my chance to dominate and abuse their little clittys with the tip of my tongue. That is my chance to really train them to be proper sissies. I will wax your fuck holes and make sure that skin is baby soft. You will need Forced feminization to be extreme, so I have this super strong tape to tuck you in nice and tight!

It’s because of my sissies that I can proudly claim my title as a Big Black Cock Trainer. I train them how to handle a big black cock and then they ultimately reward me for it, making sure my needs are always satisfied. In my experience, the combination of pleasure and pain makes for a much more intense experience. It’s a distinct power dynamic that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard one tries. I’ve devoted my entire life to perfecting the art of training sissies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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