A BBC Sissy Trainer Will Do You Some Good

BBC sissy trainer

Sometimes a big, strong mine like you just needs a BBC sissy trainer and trust me, we have plenty of them to choose from. Our girls here love to take our time showing you how to treat a big black superior dick. The key is never to rush it. If they want you to go faster, they’ll be sure to let you know *smirks*. I’ll never forget my first sissy. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him. He was tall, well built and had the deepest, manliest voice. Those are always fun because I get to witness them switch into that sissy role that comes to them so naturally. The way they respond to a thick fat black cock is extremely entertaining to me. They turn into a submissive little bitch the second they see it! That’s when they slip into those frilly pink panties and drop to their knees at the chance of serving such a glorious piece of meat. As your trainer, I get to talk you through your first few times with that amazing throbbing dick of his. I’ll help you stroke it. I’ll help you ease it up to your lips and I’ll be there to remind you of what a cock sucker you are.

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