So many new possibilities

sissy phone sexThis whole quarantine thing brings out so many new possibilities for me to really humiliate my slaves. There might not be as many people out and about as there was before but when I send a sissy out in public now, you best believe that sissy is way more noticeable now! Well, I did just that yesterday, I had a sissy dress up in full sissy gear from head to toe. She had on a full face of makeup and an extremely slutty outfit and she had to parade around town with a sign saying she was Mistress Rosemary’s bitch. Well the fact that there was almost nobody out made her stand out like a sore thumb and everyone that saw her took pics and recorded video and that little sissy slut ended up going viral! It was the best and funniest outcome for me, she was outed to everyone and now she has no choice but to become a full time little sissy whore for me.

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