My Panties Can Be Your Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesMy sexy panties are your sissy panties. While you are at home waiting out this epidemic, we can play dress up. If you are married, you can steal a pair of your wife’s panties and make them your own. Don’t be shy. It all begins with a pair of panties. Don’t have a wife and no access to panties, you can buy some online. You can even buy a pair of my panties. I only wear Victoria Secret sexy panties. The more often you wear panties, the more feminine you will feel. I know it is tough with the state of the world right now. Adult bookstores are closed. Glory holes are not hopping like normal. You can’t go to a gay bar. Hell, you likely can’t even get a sissy trainer to come to your house. There is always online sissy training. Sissy trainers like me are here for you. When you think about it, this is your time to thrive as a sissy. You can dress all day. If you are married with a wife who doesn’t know about your sissy nature, you can at least wear panties under your pants. You can sneak off to talk to your sissy trainer. All of us need to get creative to still train and shame our sissies. We can do a cyber sissy session. You can talk to me on your cell in your car as you drive around town. Hell, you can call me from the closet or the bathroom too. If you really want to be a sissy and if you are jonesing for some sissy training, you can find a way. This is the perfect time to explore your sissy side too. Most of you are working form home or not working at all, lets explore what you have at home that will transform you into a pretty sissy girl.

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