You’ll Need A Professional

phone dominatrix

If you’re in search of a phone dominatrix then look no further. I’m very observant and I pay attention to the little details that could either make or break you as a sissy pet. If you want to be trained properly, then you better be willing to relinquish all control over to me. Your mistress. I’ve noticed that a common denominator with your sissy boys is that a lot of you hold positions of power or authority in your day to day lives and sometimes you just want an escape. A place to release that pent up pressure and tension if you will. It’s natural and finding a balance between your world and mine is where you’ll find physical bliss and harmony. Just be prepared to commit to this role. I want you to do as I instruct, say as I demand and wear what I desire. This will be the place you come to when you don’t want to have to be making any hard decisions in life. When you just need somebody else. Somebody stronger than you to dictate your next move. I hope you’re prepared to be humiliated and dominated by a true phone Domme Queen.

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