Foot Job Fetishes

Mistress Phone SexBesides being an excellent sissy trainer, I am also a mistress whom client’s employ to fulfill their fetishes. I have a client, Mark who has a tremendous foot fetish. He likes to schedule an appointment about once a month. To prepare for this appointment I go to have a pedicure. He likes my toenails to be a deep red and my feet to be extra smooth. He also likes them to be extra stinky, so I make sure that I wear my oldest running shoes without any socks and work out in them for an hour or so before his arrival. When he arrives, I am barefoot. I sit him on the couch and lay down with my feet facing him. He starts by rubbing them and then he starts licking and kissing them. Taking each of my toes completely in his mouth, running his tongue between each one. While he is licking one foot, I use my other foot to rub his cock over his pants until it is nice and hard. I then remove his pants and apply a nice slick oil all over his rock-hard dick. I take my feet and give him a foot job. He lays there and watches with big wide eyes. He doesn’t need to touch any other part of my body and never moves his eyes from his crotch, watching as my feet glide up and down on his hard shaft. I wrap my feet around it and move them up and down, grazing his balls with my feet as I go. When he is close, he lays back and I can see his eyes relax, that is my cue to start rubbing harder and faster, stroking him softly but firmly. Soon he is ready and grabs my feet around his cock and explodes, leaving his warm, thick cum running down my feet and in between my toes. Then he takes my feet and licks his cum from them, between my toes and even under my toenails before scheduling next months appointment.

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