You Were Born For This

forced feminization

If you tell me you want to be a sissy slut but you constantly try to find ways to avoid it, you are going to find yourself on the other end of a forced feminization phone sex call. If you don’t just stop with the shit and let me feminize you, I’ll just make you do it. If you don’t want to put your panties on, I will tie you up to the bed and do it for you. I think once you get your panties on, you’ll start feeling a little bit more feminine and the rest of our feminization session will go much more smoothly.
Once you’re on board with my plan to turn you into a woman, I will make sure to do my best work on you. Hair, nails, makeup – I will help you with all of that. But I think the part you’re going to love most is when I put on my strap on cock and show you what it really feels like to be a woman. All you have to do is spread your legs and I will take care of the rest. So even if you’re still unsure, give me a call. You won’t be after I’m done with you.

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