Sissy girl training

sissy girl training

I took my newest fairy pet with me to the mall to go shopping. Everyone knows that the key to the best sissy girl training is making your sissy feel as girly as possible. To do this, I knew I had to put her in those adorable, silky sissy panties and make sure as many people saw them as possible. Every time she bent over to look at something, I would lift the back of her shirt so that the edge of the panties peeked out from the top of her pants. Knowing that so many people were seeing her in those panties  was really getting my little fairy hot. I took her into the bathroom and made her strip down to nothing but those silky panties and stand there playing with her little fag clitty. Plenty of real men were walking in and making fun of my little fairy fag but I didn’t care. I made her stand there and rub her little clitty in those panties like the well trained sissy she is. I laughed as the men walking in made comments about my sissy bitch and even took pictures with their phones to post on social media. I was loving every second of it! Publicly humiliating my sissy and letting the world know what a girly girl she is, was the best time I’ve ever had at the mall.

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