Charlie has been Bad

Mistress Phone SexI had a sweet sissy that had been a good little slut until she went away for a weekend with her friends for a bachelor party. We will call her Charlie. Charlie knows she is not to have any other pussy besides mine, her mistresses. Well Charlie got caught up in the excitement and let that little clitty get hard and then stuck it right inside a prostitute’s pussy. Charlie of course knew she had been bad and quickly confessed. She knew there would be consequences to her actions and was very remorseful. I acknowledged Charlies quick confession but there was no denying that she had slipped. So, as her punishment I put that little cunny in a cage and did a sweet strip tease all around her. Pushing my pussy close to her face. Showing her what she had lost in her indiscretions. I made her follow me around all day on all fours. I strategically placed my gigantic tits and sweet juicy pussy where she had no choice but to look. She whimpered as the cage held her cunny down. I was relentless, I made her lay down and I hovered my juicy, bald pussy and clit right over her mouth, within inches of her tongue. But I would not allow her to taste that sweet goodness. She must suffer and only when I feel she is worthy again will I let her have a piece of Mistress Francis. Until then she will be my little cum slut and clean up all the men that I will fuck, making her watch of course.

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