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bbc sissy trainer

I love to be a BBC sissy training princess. It’s so hot that you want to be a cock sucking princess. It’s a privilege to have a nice big chocolate cock in your face. If you think you can enjoy a cock without some experience or training for a second, you are wrong. BBC kings love the best cock sucking whores. They don’t want you to be a sloppy loser. You have to squat and get on your knees. Bow down for the king. The king is giving you the best gift of life. Big juicy black cock, so you better be respectful and show that BBC some respect. Next, you have to kiss that head and make eye contact gently. The desire must be noticeable, and you must give that cock all the love and attention it deserves. Don’t think for a minute you can give a simple blowjob. You have to put work into it and make sure you are well aware you have the best gift ever.

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