Pathetic Little Penis

Sissy Training
Sweet little boy, you don’t have a cock. Cocks are large, thick, and throbbing. They’re always hard and always ready to dish out a fuck load of pleasure to whatever woman comes swaying his way. Cocks are a symbol of power, and the best cocks are big and black. Yours? Well that’s a tiny, pathetic white little penis. What are you, three inches? Who would ever love a man with such a humiliating genitalia? A sissy Domme or a Cuck Wife, honey; that’s who. Lucky for you I happen to be both with the cutest English accent to boot. It seems you need to learn that that little thumb tack in your trousers is nothing more than an over sized clitty, and your little pee hole. I’m going to take that worthless excuse for a man you were, and transform you into a beautiful sissy cucky slave girl. Are you ready for training my sweet?

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