Unlock Your Sissy Demon

Sissy phone sex

When Mistress K wants to play, you better be ready for what I have coming for you. I know you try to hide your deepest darkest desires. Trying to go throughout your day, living a normal life. Your little sissy demon inside keeps trying to make its way out. You start getting urges for a big piece of prime meat to be shoved deep into your mouth. You try to shove that naughty demon back inside but by the end of the day, you are ready. You are too tired to hold back the sissy that is trapped deep inside of you. So you finally give up and let your sissy side fly high. You knew you were going to let that little slut out eventually. Why else would you be wearing those silking panties under your clothes? I know you love the way the silk feels rubbing against your skin. Yesterday you had a lingerie outfit underneath that work uniform. You cannot hide your dark desires from me. I know you want to bow down to your mistress and be treated like the little slut you know you can be. Bow down and show me you are worthy of being my sissy slave.

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