BBC Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training

Sissy Hypno training is so fun for this Princess of Large cock. I text with Tyrone and told him I had Hank waiting for him. Now Hank denies being a BBC cock sucker. But I know it is what he needs. All it took was A joint and some rock music blaring to make Hank hard for me.   A knock on the door and Tyrone was oiled down in his swim trunks ready for some sissy making. Now as you know my black men know that white men are just a hole for them. Being superior in the cock department means bitch boys like hank get what they deserve. The beat of the music and my hips rocking back in forth in front of Hank put him in a trance to do my bidding. I passed the weed and began sucking that BBC right in Hanks lap. Instead of passing the joint I passed Hank The black cock to suck. He was mine now. And in a haze, I and Hank bitched and taking Black cock up his ass on all fours.  Curious how Hank gave me the best and largest cum load of his life all over my perky tits. He even cleaned his own cum up for this BBC sissy trainer!

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