He was such a little crybaby

sissy phone sexGod what a little cry baby this bitch boy was! He tried to act like he didn’t want to be a girl but by the way that tiny little clitty of his got hard as soon as I put him in panties I knew that was a damn lie! I have literally no patience at all for losers that can’t figure out what they want in life. He has no dick to speak of so clearly he was meant to be a girl right? Well I forced that wimpy little bitch boy into a whole slut outfit and then took her to a party. She was the belle of the ball so to speak, spent the whole evening on her knees sucking dick like a good girl should. She bitched and whined and complained the whole time but that silly slut squirted in her panties like three times! Clearly she likes being a slut and she likes being a girl so I am thinking it will be becoming something permanent for her!

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