Turning Them

I enjoy turning straight men into little fucking sissies and listening to them beg for me to fuck them with my big fucking dildos. You have a wife and a family but you came to me today to help you because your wife doesn’t want that tiny little cock of yours anymore. Oh I am more than happy to help you and I know just how to. I waited for your wife to get home with that big black man before I brought you in. I waited for them to start fucking before I brought you into the room making you watch as he shoved his huge black cock in and out of your wife, over and over again. But what you didn’t expect was her to look you in the eyes and tell you that she would never want a tiny cock like yours. I told you to stroke that little clitty of yours and watch as your wife cums all over that big fucking cock until he fills her fucking pussy up. You did as I said and as soon as he came inside your wife he pulled out and I told you to go clean off his cock like the fucking cum slut you are. You did so fucking good and once you were done you came all in your hand and I told you to lick it all up like a good fucking bitch boy.

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