Sissy Training Women are a Hot Commodity Nowadays

sissy trainingSissy training women are a hot commodity. My daughter is 18 now and about to start college in the fall. Her generation is more fluid and open about sexuality. She knows trans folks and gender fluid people too. She even knows some sissies. She brought this one femboy home this weekend to meet me. He was about as feminine as they come. Born in the wrong body. He wants to transform into a woman. She knew I could help him. He grew up in foster care but was dumped recently because he turned 18. Suddenly, he was homeless and with no money or job. I knew how to help. Femboys can make great money hooking. It is a great side hustle for a few years. Lance is not a transsexual yet, but with the best sissy trainer lending a hand, I could give him a makeover to make guys believe he was as post op shemale. Not all sexy trannies get big boobs. Many men prefer that small but natural breasted look. I am a talented feminizer. Lance was in good hands. My daughter helped me turn her friend into a pretty T-girl. We waxed off all his body hair, especially his pubes. I put him in a pretty blonde wig and a cute schoolgirl outfit. A little plaid skirt, a white shirt tied at the waist and cable socks perfected the look. With the right shading and contouring, I chiseled his face to look very feminine. To test out his new look, we went to the truck stop. I acted as his mommy pimp, and I whored him out to all sorts of truckers. I did not want any money, however. I just wanted to help with some femboy training so Lance could make money and get a place of his own. Lance made bank as Layla a barely legal T-girl. And she will keep making money and growing her skills under my tutelage too. Maybe I can help you get a side hustle too. Never hurts to have a side hustle.

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