Is Online Sissy Training for You?

online sissy trainingIs online sissy training for you? Men ask me all the time if it is for them or not. I have my own sort of Litmus test for potential sissies. I ask a few questions like do you enjoy wearing panties. I will even ask if you have a long history of loving panties. Many sissies played in mommy’s panty drawer when they were younger. Some play in a wife’s panty drawer now. If you like to wear a woman’s panties, you might be a sissy. I will ask you if you fantasize about cock. Shemale cock included because I have discovered that many men will fool themselves into believing that they are straight because shemales are feminine looking. The same logic goes for cuckolds. Some men fool themselves into thinking they are just sexually submissive to their women if they fluff a cock or suck cum out of their partner’s pussy. I guess you can call me the wake up call you have needed because I do not let men live in the land of denial. If you suck any cock under any circumstances and like it, you might be a sissy. I will also ask guys if they have had any kind of anal play and liked it. You know like a prostate massage from a mistress, a pegging from a girlfriend or a man’s dick in your ass for any reason. If you like things in your ass, you might be a sissy. I am the best sissy trainer. I often know when a man is living in denial. I knew my sons were trapped in the wrong bodies. I made them pretty little femboys. If you are thinking about calling a sissy trainer, ask your self if you like panties, cock and ass play because if you do, you are in the right place.

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