The princess is here

best sissy trainerI am all you want to be and much more than you will ever aspire to be. I have known you have had a shrine dedicated to me for the longest. My social media stalker you leave your traces the way to quickly. It’s quite laughable you thought you could get away with your antics. Do you want the best sissy trainer? I know you do. I am about to make you my bitch sissy. You will learn your place fast. I can’t wait to dominate you and dress you up like however; I please. I want you to l live and breathe me. I will keep making you realize why you are my subby sissy. Every chance you get you will worship the ground I walk on and thank me for being me. You are going to learn how to walk in heels and wear top quality makeup and attire. You will always be beneath me. Our situation is the beginning of a unique partnership. I notice that crush you have on my boyfriend. I will kiss him in front of you and even play with him right in your face. I want to rub it all over your face. You are a complete sissy slave and being your sissy trainer is beyond fun for me.

sissy training


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