Slutty sissies are my toys

Sissy pantiesI love having a slutty sister that gets off to cumming in her pretty little sissy panties. You look sooo cute in your thigh highs & garter belt as you rub your clitty with your vibrator. Using you as my personal sissy toy is quite frankly my favorite hobby. You’re still developing into the naughtiest sissy that you can possibly become and I am there to guide you along every step of the way with my superior training skills. Let’s go shopping for some new outfits so that we can really have some fun playing dress up! Your bra and underwear match your bright pink lipstick that you have on those dick sucking lips of yours. Would you like it if I whipped out my big black cock strap-on and shattered your pretty little pussy open wide with it?! Well, I don’t really give a fuck what you think, I just like to tease you and see your opinion on how much it’s going to hurt to have such a massive chocolate shaft plunged into your pretty princess body. Your pink panties will be pushed to the side as you take a big ole’ fat dick like a good sissy should. You’re so eager, i’ve never seen anything like it! I guess you could say that my BBC training has paid off well. 😉

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