The Beginning Of My Boss’s Transformation

Best Sissy TrainerI work in one of those standard boring offices with a nine to five gig. It fits me most of the time, however lately my boss has been a major buzz kill. He’s starting to complain the clothes I wear are no office appropriate. He went as far as to tell me that my skirts are to distracting for the males in the work place. I’m use to sexism but nothing has really changes until this last week, and I’ve been racking my mind as to why. And a thought occurred to me, last week in the break room I spilled some coffee on my blouse and since I was the only on in there I went ahead and did a quick change. But if that perv was watching the camera then he may have seen me in my pink bra looking through my bag for another top. However, it doesn’t explain his recently attitude toward the way I dress…unless he was jealous. I easily pick up on those kinds of things. So I tested my theory and waited for most of the office to clear out before requesting a meeting with him. I shut his door and pulled the blinds down while he gave me a puzzled look, and then I threw a pair of lace pick panties on to his desk. “Put them on”. He blushed and cleared his throat. “Excuse me?” he attempted to question me. I laughed at his attempted to cover up what I already knew. “I said get you sissy boy ass up and put on the panties, I was very careful to get a pair I was sure would fit you”. The room fell silent and for a minute I thought maybe I was wrong. Then he picked up the panties and started to feel them in his hands and smiled. “How did you know?” he asked. “Because all sissy sluts act jealous around me. I’m everything you want to be, and if you do exactly as instructed I can get you as close as possible to being just like me.”. The happy look in his eyes told me exactly all I needed to know. Now the fun part can begin.

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