Online Sissy Training

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training available here. I love dressing up sissies. I have a daughter, but a woman can never have enough sissies. I also have two sissy sons. I have been training sissies at home and on the phone for years. It is more than a hobby; it is a job. Occasionally, I get paid to make a sissy. I was paid $5,000 from an unlikely client recently. The client was a woman. She wanted me to turn her son into a sissy. She always wanted a daughter and she had this sixth sense that her son was not going to grow up to be a ladies’ man anyway. Mothers know. If you are a sissy, I bet your mother was the first to know, even before you did. When Sally arrived at my place Friday night, she had her son Trey with her. He thought they were at my place for English tutoring.  He was there for sissy training. He was unassuming for a young boy. He had a naturally feminine body. I didn’t think he would fight his feminization, but he did. I prefer to be sweet and nurturing, but if a sissy fights me, I fight back harder and win. I took that sissy bitch, tossed her over my lap and spanked her. Bare bottom spankings are something I can administer well. After I was done wailing on her ass, I shoved a butt plug in her ass. Her momma helped me duct tape the butt plug in her sissy ass. She helped me dress her too. She was better behaved with that butt plug in her back door pussy. In fact, it made her clitty hard. Once she had a hard clitty, she was easier to train. Sissies get pleasure too. They get twat teased and abused also, but almost every sissy I know loves to rub her clitty. Once we dressed her and pleasured her back door pussy, she transformed before our eyes. She didn’t even put up a fight when her mother and I put on strap-ons and tag teamed her new pussy. She welcomed it. Another sissy converted under my watch.

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