BBC sissy trainer

I make my slaves call me all types of things. Some pets deserve to pick and choose the name they call me, and sometimes there is a slave that needs to be reminded of what he’s good for. like “BBC sissy trainer” for example. I love to be called Mistress, Queen, Master, Dom, and the list goes on and on. But for this guy? He needed a special name to call meBBC sissy trainer because he needed to remember what a total idiot he is I told him to call me Genius Genesis. He is a total fool, he sold everything he owned to spend his days taking care of me financially and getting tortured and made fun of as needed. He is here for pure entertainment, and he knows he now has nowhere to go. He is the one who made that choice to give himself away to me and rid himself of all his possessions, dignity, and money. He knows he is pathetic and useless unless I am using him for my own personal agenda. That’s why I am a genius and he is the stupid slave.

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