Teen Online Sissy Trainer Has A Sissy Boyfriend

online sissy trainingThis sexy online sissy training teen has a new boyfriend who I am turning into a sissy bitch! See he slipped up and told me that he secretly wears panties! So, I have been making him wear pretty satin and lace panties every time we have sex. He isn’t my normal type at all. But I needed a boyfriend around for family gatherings this year and his cock is just right on the average side. And being a sissy trainer, I had sissy-dar… An Internal Radar that told me he would be prime for turning into a sissy slut even if he didn’t know it yet! Kevin began to just wear his panties and he made a great cunt lick. He even loved it when I called him a perfect sissy.

Together we shaved him and waxed his balls. Hairless and with a pink thong in looked just like a girl from behind. It is an easy job sucking his dick and licking his ass hole. I tease him that he wanted to be just like me with a cock in his mouth. Then it happened one night at our party on the rooftop. I sucked his cock and gave him my panties in the bathroom for his to wear and feel like the sexy bitch he was. I commanded him to flirt with my gay friend Nathan and to let it go as far as he wanted it to go! Kevin ended up in his panties sucking off Nathans cock as he got called a cocksucking bitch and a good little whore. The best part was I was fucking the biggest Black Dick at the party while my fag sissy got her first cumshot! And you better believe his sissy girl training is just beginning!

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