Taking Sissy to the Mall to Shop at that Pretty Pink Bag Store

Sissy Girl TrainingMy sweet sissy Susie had been so good this week with his training that I rewarded him with a trip to the mall for some lingerie shopping. Of course, we went into that pink bag store that all sissies love. We picked out a nice garter and thigh high set and matched it with some pretty lacy panties and a robe. His little eyes lit up when we were purchasing them. But as all good sissy trainers know you must always keep them in line. So, when we got home I had him undress totally but instead of allowing him to wear his new outfit I just put on his collar and leash and had him sit patiently by the door for my friend to arrive. When the doorbell rang, I let my friend in. He is a nice big man with a massive big black cock. I told Susie that his little clitty was not to get hard no matter what happened. I grabbed Susie’s leash and led him back to the bedroom with my friend. I undressed and waited on the bed while I instructed Susie to take that big black cock and make it ready for my pussy. I love watching Susie suck on cock. She licks it all the way from base to head, paying special attention to that sweet mushroom. When my pussy was soaking wet and my friends dick was hard as a rock, I told Susie to sit and watch, never moving his eyes away. I spread my legs as my friend entered my pussy with his massive dick. He fucked me so hard and it felt so good. He exploded between my legs leaving a massive amount of cum in my pussy. He rolled over and I pulled on Susie’s leash guiding him onto the bed. Then I instructed Susie to clean up my friends’ massive cock and my cum filled pussy. He did so well, not leaving even a molecule of our fucking juices. After my friend left, I pulled out that wonderful pink bag and let Susie get dressed up in his new lingerie. Don’t you think he looks wonderful?

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