Tamika’s Peephole of Pleasure

Phone domination


I like to let everyone see my supreme phone domination skills in practice.  There’s no use talking the talk if you can’t walk the walk, cream the cock and fuck your flock.  That’s why I set up a room with peepholes punctured into all of the walls, so anyone who wants to get a glimpse of my glorious slave submitting techniques can do so without worrying about me treating them like the boot licking scum they are.

It’s a pretty good business, I don’t ever even have to see the scoundrels who pay to whack it behind the safety of a wall while I womanhandle a wimp or fuck up a femboy.  They pay through an app and are given a date and time to be at an address.  There they have to wait in the lobby of an old office building until they get buzzed into a door that leads down a long, dark corridor, the end of which providing the only light in the form of star-like dots penetrating the darkness.  Like horny moths to a flame, they are drawn to the only luminescence they see and flutter around to get their eyeballs into the slot with the best line of sight. 

You never know what you might see through one of my peep spots.  I might be whipping a wannabe woman into submission or forcing a gimpy girlguy to lick my pussy while I sit back in my throne and enjoy myself.  One thing’s for sure, you can always count on loads of cum arching through the air, covering my face or seeping out of my snatch.  

You should be careful of the puddles of gelatinous jizz all you anonymous peeping Toms have pooled up on the floor.  You won’t see them so if you aren’t careful you’ll end up rolling around in streams of cooled off, coagulated cum.  It just comes with the territory, Guy.  Of course, you could always avoid the spent old splooge behind the walls and participate in my pussy pleasing for every skulking stroker to ogle and enjoy, you just have to fully submit to Mistress K to do so.  Choice is yours. 


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