Strict Sissy phone sessions

sissy phone

Fuck don’t you wish you were hot like my best friend and me? We both get so much cock, and we always make heads turn. Many sissies always try to imitate us but can’t duplicate us. It’s not that hard to see you will never be me. If you want some hot sissy phone sessions with me, you have to beg my attention. You can only garner it if you come close to me and get on your knees, begging to be my slave. Kiss our feet and realize that it will be a long road ahead for you. The only way you can make yourself worthy is by following the rules. Go ahead and get a mouth full of cum and swallow. Let’s make these sissy games some hot fun ones. A little name-calling never hurt anyone. Grow some tough skin causes my friends, and I will make sure to put your thru the ringer till uu can learn.

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