Sissy Training: It’s time for you to get dicked down by Big Daddy.

Sissy Training

“It’s time for your sissy training, Molly” I called out my heart racing with excitement as I waited for my pretty little sissy slut to skip down the stairs happily wearing her new pink dress. She was so proud of it, all of the ruffles surrounding it as she giggled seeing the black leather outfit I had chosen for our adventure. Seeing the deep red blush creeping across her face instantly aroused me. However, it got even better. There was a knock at the door. Her face instantly changed as I walked over opening the door, seeing her stare up at the big huge BBC man standing in the doorway was amazing. She was practically drooling with fear at the massive bulge in his pants.
The best part was when he popped it out and she instantly fell to her knees with a little hard-on of her own. Just waiting anxiously to be used like the dirty little whore she was.

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